Leyla Piedayesh

First off, tell us about what sparked your interest in fashion. I have always been interested in fashion as a part of the culture. Fashion for me has been always a way of expressing yourself….

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Talking Film with Lisa Boostani

Actually, I have never met Lisa in person. I discovered her on the Internet, on Instagram, where we find so many things these days. Lisa has one of those looks that is immediately striking—in the…

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Medalion Rahimi

“You have to play a stereotypical version of what a man might think a woman’s role should be, but then you work your way up.” —Medallion Rahimi A Los Angeles born and bred, Medallion graduated…

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Women’s Rights

Women’s rights is something I’ve been meaning to talk to you guys about for some time; but each time I think about it, I’m reminded that there are people who still view women as separate…

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The Essentials — Onion Tart

I have decided to share some cooking recipes that might be interesting for you. Most of the times, you may not have the time or you just don’t feel like cooking, but you still want…

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Style Story — SafSafu

I’ve admired Safoura Seghatoleslami as a designer for quite some time now. As someone who shops enthusiastically for an original eye-catcher, her jewelry is right up my alley.

The Concept of Love

I sometimes ask myself, “What is love?” Have you ever wondered what it really means to love someone? When you tell someone you love them, to what extent do you mean it?

A Beauty Minute with Dr. Maryam Zamani

A few months ago, I noticed that many people, celebrities included, were posting pictures of themselves with the hashtag “10-Year Challenge.” After finding out the story behind the pictures, I was surprised since many of…

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Young at Heart

Being young is not knowing the measure of time. As we get older and older, we realize that everything we had in the start that we took for granted will start to fade away—most precious…

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