concept of love

The Concept of Love

I sometimes ask myself, “What is love?” Have you ever wondered what it really means to love someone? When you tell someone you love them, to what extent do you mean it?

How far would you go for the one you love, and what would you be willing to do for them?

Most people, when asked about true love, would say that a mother’s love is the only true love in the world—the special bond between a mother and her child. But what about those who aren’t mothers? Can’t they be truly in love? That’s where I’ve got to disagree. Being a mother doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be a loving parent. Motherhood is a great responsibility that says you’re morally responsible for the child’s existence—of course, to a certain point. However, this can’t be said about all mothers because there are some who don’t feel the least bit responsible.

As your child grows up, you will have certain expectations from them, which, if they aren’t met, your love will soon lose its meaning. That said, even if there is love, it has to be on both sides, or it won’t work. Each one of us is in love either for the attention or because our expectations are being fulfilled, and if one day, that proves to be insufficient, the love we have will start to fade away. I believe everyone on this planet loves themselves first and foremost, and they should. But the problem is, we never learned to express ourselves freely and always pretend that the things we do, we do not for ourselves, but for the sake of those we love. This is totally wrong, and I will talk more about this later.

Illustrator: Akef Rahmati

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